Amy Wood Daughter Video – Daughter Gracie Wood in Racist Video Controversy

Amy Wood Daughter Video – The teen girl of a well-known neighbourhood anchorperson in Greenville, South Carolina, is standing out as truly newsworthy after she was gotten on video offering bigot and homophobic remarks.

Gracie Wood, the girl of WSPA Channel 7’s broadcaster Amy Wood, was gotten on video offering stunningly bigoted remarks about minorities like supporting for the expulsion of “Mexicans and Middle Easterners” since “everything they do is want to kill individuals.”

During the now-popular video cut, somebody got some information about Africans, and she shouted “Kill them!,” in any event, recommending that the people pulling the strings ought to “explode the entire mainland of Africa!”

Then, at that point, somebody got some information about Germans, and she reacted, “You all are Nazis, however since you all disdain gay individuals and Black individuals, I support” prior to giving a “Nazi salute” and yelling “Hail Hitler!”

Wood even commended the dangerous despot saying, “Truly, Hitler was a quality man. What’s more he went out the correct way by committing suicide. I feel like I’d prefer commit suicide than be killed by a terminating crew.”

Obviously, what might a bigoted tirade be without needless utilization of the N-word? At the point when somebody asked Gracie what her cherished N-word was, she cheerfully reacted.

It’s not promptly clear when the video was recorded. Neither Gracie, her mom, nor WSPA News Channel 7 have tended to the bigoted video however her online media accounts have been erased since the video spilt.

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