Ayesha Akram Leaks – Ayesha Akram in an Explicit Leaked Video Says She Needs a Scandal to Become Famous

Ayesha Akram Leaks – The survivor of the Minar E Pakistan episode, Ayesha Akram is in major trouble after another video of her was spilled via online media. Minar E Pakistan episode that started a conversation among netizens, many individuals accept that it was an exposure stunt while a few family trust Ayesha Akram is a genuine casualty.

Many individuals brought up issues regarding why Ayesha Akram was quiet for the following two days after the Minar E Pakistan episode and began responding when the video of the occurrence began surfacing via web-based media. Why Ayesha remained there when safety officers of Greater Iqbal Park made a protected entry for her. How Ayesha’s accomplice Rambo joined group Sar-E-Aam sometime before the Minar E Pakistan occurrence.

Then again, a few groups were worried about Ayesha’s wounds that she supported at the Minar E Pakistan episode alongside her group. In Ayesha Akram’s most recently released video, the individual with Ayesha Akram in this video says, Ayesha Baig, you will make an embarrassment to get notoriety. Ayesha answered will you make an embarrassment for me and the unseemly conversation proceeds.

Unequivocal Video of Ayesha Akram where she can be heard saying she needs an embarrassment to become popular.

What occurred at Minar E Pakistan was not proper in any way. No man ought to influence to contact any lady paying little heed to which character she conveys. Then again, the individuals who arranged the Miner E Pakistan occurrence to become renowned and acquire prevalence ought to be responsible alongside those 400 men who partook in this nauseating demonstration.

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