Barbara Corcoran Whoopi Goldberg Video – Barbara Corcoran Apologizes To Whoopi Goldberg

Barbara Corcoran Whoopi Goldberg Video – Ana Navarro has Whoopi Goldberg’s back. On Thursday’s scene of The View, Shark Tank judge Barbara Corcoran made a joke that didn’t agree with Navarro.

Everything began when the women started talking about Good American CEO Emma Grede turning into the principal Black female to be a visitor shark on Shark Tank. The hosts adulated Grede for advancing positive self-perceptions with size-comprehensive pants, driving Goldberg to inquire, “Will they fit this COVID.

Bright Hostin and Navarro both guaranteed their 65-year-old co-have that the attire would accommodate her. Corcoran then, at that point, remarked, “And when you get wrapped up with those pants and conclude you don’t care for them, offer them to me. I will make two sets!”

Goldberg and the remainder of the board were shocked by the joke, yet it was Navarro that came for Corcoran and what she was as of now wearing on The View. “Whoopi, let me simply let you know something,” she started before highlighting the 72-year-old Shark Tank judge; “Both Sara Haines and Jill Biden wore that dress currently on TV.”

Navarro then, at that point, torn up her record cards as everybody around the table giggled. “Donald Trump Jr. given that a shot me. It didn’t work!” the 49-year-old co-have added, alluding to a burrow that the previous president’s child made with regards to Navarro’s weight. “No, no, no.”

Corcoran later apologized for her remark about Goldberg in a video presented on Twitter that she inscribed, “Love ya Whoopi.”

“I just returned from The View and saw my old companion Whoopi. She has an extraordinary comical inclination, and I’ve known Whoopi for quite a long time,” she started. “I made a joke to Whoopi’s detriment, which I currently acknowledge wasn’t entertaining. For any individual who I might have outraged unexpectedly, I simply needed to say I am extremely grieved.

This isn’t the initial time the women of The View have stood out as truly newsworthy as of late. Not long before they were to talk with Vice President Kamala Harris, Navarro and Hostin tried positive for COVID-19. It was subsequently uncovered that those tests were bogus up-sides.

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