Berries and Cream Tiktok Commercial – Discover Berries and Cream’s Popular Videos

Berries and Cream Tiktok Commercial – TikTok FYPs are an untamed spot. Truly, now, I do not know what profundities individuals on TikTok go to haul up the most arbitrary mainstream society minutes on earth and make viral TikTok sounds with them, yet the most recent “berries and cream” one is the most strange yet. Also, I’m a bit fixated on it. It’s genuinely living to me lease-free. Can’t quit singing it. Can’t quit contemplating all the ‘old lady type shoe’ things in my day-to-day existence that cause me additionally to feel very “berries and cream”.

For the individuals who this reviled sound might have cruised by, the jingle goes accordingly: “berries and cream, berries and cream, I am a little chap who loves berries and cream!” People are putting it with whatever feels distant like you could discover it in a 2006 compilation of Horrible Histories. You may think sound this adequately recorded would be from a shocking period dramatization, however, you’d not be right.

It’s from a Starburst advert

That’s right. You read that accurately. The TikTok “berries and cream” sound hails from a Starburst advert. Also, it’s the strangest advert I’ve at any point set eyes on. Feels like an outright fever dream.

Two fellas at a train station are getting into some Starburst when a little nuisance of a Salem witch preliminaries time man-kid gets excessively amped up for the enjoyments of berries and cream, sings a tune, and does a little move. That is it. That is the advert. Would give my spleen to have been in the room when this was pitched. Did offspring of this time love berries and cream? Is that a recorded platitude lost on me? Couldn’t in any way, shape, or form say. However, presently you know where the TikTok “berries and cream” sound is from, and you can breathe a sigh of relief.

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