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Among the young generation trend of crypto trading increased day by day. In the pandemic of 2019, most of us got the connection through an online medium that is aware of digitalization. We observe everything around us become online such as education, learning so by seeing this situation we move towards online earning sources that fulfill requirements. 

Out of all digital marketing trends and interest mostly observed towards the cryptocurrency. Now here is the question what is cryptocurrency?? How it is beneficial?? How we can earn from the digital platforms?? How it is different from the other currency??

Let’s find out the answers together 

Unlike physical money, cryptocurrency is the digital or visual currency that has no influence of any state and no possession. The cryptocurrency the wallet then it’s only your possession known of others. Cryptocurrency is beneficial in terms you do not need to get a physical paper degree, you can earn the livelihood even are not educate

There are a lot of ways of earning cryptocurrency the selection of any way totally depends upon your interest. Ways of crypto earning through crypto mining, investing in the market, trading one market to another, Staking and Lending, using Crypto Social Media, crypto Mining and Airdrops and Forks. The importance of cryptocurrency includes giving you employment, awareness about the market, and many more. 

Crypto trading 

Have you ever hare in this name what is crypto trading. Most both terms are used separately basically know that trading is the basic phenomenon in which selling of goods, accommodates to another person. Trading mostly took place at the national and international levels. But there is no restriction for using this technique at a personal level.

Similarly, this technique is also used in the crypto market that called crypto trading. The technique in which coins are initially purchased at low prices after when the market value of the coin gets increased then sell that coins at the high price it is similar to the stoke exchange market.

 Best Platform that offers crypto trading 

  1. Coin base
  2. Voyager
  3. Uphold 
  4. Kraken 
  6. Binance 
  7. Hodlnaut

Before selecting any platform you have to check the accuracy and ethnicity of the platform. For this purpose select the medium in which you want to invest. And do not forget to check the previous record of the platform.

Coin base

One of the most efficient sites for trading cryptocurrency it is the simplest and easy way to invest cryptocurrency because this webpage further directly invests in the USD and also offers 30+ coins token that gives complete security. On the first joining coin base gives $5 as a bounces amount. The main advantage of coin base is a High level of security and trustworthiness, and ease of operation.

Limitations of coin base are given below 

Users do not have to use a private key for the wallet

To much expensive


Popular platform to invest in crypto as it was one of the first publicly traded exchanges. It is a too old platform but operators update from time to time which protects this from hackers. Voyager offers 25 BTC after 100$ investment. The main advantage is it offers a free trading package.

Limitations of coin base are given below

  •  Not available for New York citizens
  • Slow to amount withdraw


If you have multiple assets and want to invest without any interference of the state the use uphold provides an incredible offer for investing in various offers simple and transparent pricing structure, Lots of crypto tokens, and even some stocks, including popular ones like XRP 

  • Limitations of upholding are given below
  • Poor customer service
  • Complex terminologies are used

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