Canada Truckers Freedom Convoy Twitter – Comedian Russell Brand voices support for Canadian Drivers

Canada Truckers Freedom Convoy Twitter – Comedian Russell Brand is the most recent high-profile character to stand up on the side of the drivers driving cross country to fight the immunization command in Ottawa this end of the week.
The brand imparted his insights about the dissent in a 14-minute YouTube video called “Drivers Convoy: Why the Mainstream Media Blackout?!” In the video, he questions how drivers have gone from saints, conveying merchandise toward the beginning of the pandemic, to reprobates who are “abhorred if they will not take an interest and surrender as per the wills of the strong.”
“This unequivocally individuals need to do. You need to work out what your destinations are, work out how you will seek after it, ensure you’re philosophically strong and that your direct is fair,” he said, about the escort. “We’re managing an odious machine that will say anything to close down resistance to its expectations.”
Joke artist Rob Schneider joined the conversation via online media. On Thursday, he tweeted “Trudeau might need to reclassify what a ‘little periphery minority is… It’s extending from Manitoba to Ontario!”

Canadian entertainer Evangeline Lilly, who shows up in Marvel’s Ant-Man and the Wasp, likewise referred to Freedom Convoy 2022 and affirmed she was among the demonstrator’s last end of the week at the “Rout the Mandates” rally in Washington, DC.

Lilly shared highly contrasting photographs on Instagram and expressed: “I was in DC this end of the week to help real sway while Canadian drivers were mobilizing for their cross-country, tranquil escort on the side of the same thing.

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