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Security Considerations for Hosting eCommerce Sites

One thing that sets eCommerce sites apart from most other sites is that, by their very nature, they handle personal and financially sensitive information on a day to day basis. The hosting for these types of sites will need to have measures in place to protect both the eCommerce store owner as well as prospective customers from a breach of this type of information.

Some of the information an eCommerce store typically collects and processes on a daily basis includes names, addresses, telephone numbers as well as their method of payment. Specific payment details such as credit card numbers along with the corresponding expiry date, etc. will obviously be more valuable to criminals, but details such as names and addresses can be used in identity theft, fraud and other schemes and should be protected as well as a person’s credit card information.

eCommerce sites face various risks from various different sources such as from hackers who are trying to infiltrate the web server itself and gain access to the data stored on it. Malicious viruses also pose a serious threat to eCommerce sites as some are designed to solely wipe the entire data from a web server while others are used to harvest data and relay it back to the hackers for their own personal use.

When it comes to hosting your eCommerce site a dedicated IP address along with a SSL encryption is a must, but the best way to combat these issues is to use a dedicated server and many hosting companies offer this type of package. A dedicated server helps to protect against malware and viruses as well as it helps to keep hackers at bay who are trying to access your eCommerce store’s data. If your eCommerce store is operating on a shared server, then it may be at risk for hackers or viruses because other sites on the server may not be as well protected. This especially true since websites on a shared server share the same operating system and database support.

Web hosts who use a virtual partition to create a virtual private server will help to keep your website safe from hackers and viruses. However, they will still share the same physical server along with other websites and may keep some of the vulnerabilities associated with that.

Finally, any web host that is within a data center will without a doubt benefit from world-class security that you won’t find anywhere else. Alternately, if you own or operate a company looking to operate your own servers but would like to have the security that a data center location offers, you can look into the colocation hosting option where you’ll be able to rent the space in the data center location from the provider where you can house your own servers.