Chris Bassitt Video Detail – Chris Bassitt hit in the head by a line drive, leaves game Chris Bassitt update

Chris Bassitt Video Detail – Chris Bassett has hauled away the field Tuesday night after he was struck on the head by a line drive during the second inning of a 9-0 misfortune to the Chicago white sox with two on and no outs Bassett tossed an 89.5 miles each hour cut fastball that brian goodwin drove directly back up the centre Bassett went down on the hill just get-togethers was hit holding his head and his colleagues immediately waved to the burrow for help as players on each side looked on Bassette was taken care of by an Oakland mentor and another workforce before he was helped into the rear of a truck while holding a towel to his face a’s middle defender starling store had his hands on his head as Bassett was driven by him.

Bass is cognizant he was the whole time comma supervisor bounce melvin said we don’t think the eye is an issue now it seemed like it was beneath it he s got a few slices they needed to do a few lines es in output and we’ll find out about possible cracks or whatever tomorrow or sometime in the evening.

Melvin took no inquiries during his post-game zoom meeting with the media and the advertisements made no players accessible the 32-year-old Bassett who broke into the majors with the white sox in 2014 is amidst a breakout season for Oakland he was 12-3 with a 3.06 time in 24 beginnings heading into the game driving the al in triumphs.

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