Compensating for the Decline of Organic Reach on Facebook

Utilizing Facebook ads could become increasingly fundamental in the near future.
Facebook and advertising have seemingly always had a tumultuous relationship, full of ups and downs and frequent changes. This obviously directly affects how affiliate marketers use the social media juggernaut to promote offers that allow social traffic.

Now it seems that online marketers will have to adapt once again to some alterations Facebook is planning on implementing.

According to Ad Age, Facebook recently declared that the reach of organic content on Facebook pages will eventually see a substantial decline. Organic posts on pages will gradually become less effective if their overall reach is decreased. The apparent reasoning behind this adjustment is to ensure that Facebook users encounter more personal and meaningful content when surfing the site. It’s an understandable initiative since Facebook obviously wants users to enjoy the time spent on their website, which according to is a total of 700 billion minutes each month. With Twitter recently overtaking Facebook as the most popular social network for teens, however, the company could be trying to stop the bleeding of traffic transferring to Twitter.

If this refinement is indeed inevitable, then those of you who have Facebook Pages will need to make some adjustments of your own.

This could have an impact on the way you plan on promoting offers through on Facebook, for example, linking a landing page onto a relevant niche Facebook page.

Facebook is now encouraging online marketers to use other methods to promote content. These methods are most likely already an integral part of your affiliate marketing strategies as it pertains to using social traffic, but perhaps it’s time to make them more prominent in order to compensate for the loss of organic reach.

Facebook Ads

If you’re looking to expand your reach and obtain more likes, nothing does a better job at doing that then Facebook Ads. Whether you’re targeting a specific demographic or a broader audience, it’s an effective way to create exposure.

With Facebook decreasing the reach of organic posts for its pages, Facebook Ads will continue to be an important tool in affiliate marketing strategies, even more than before. Also, the more users who run Facebook ads the more money Facebook will make, something to consider regarding the company’s recent declaration.

Only users who already like your page or friends of those users will be exposed to promoted posts. If you’ve already established a substantial fan base, however, promoting specific content can provide you with multiple benefits such as increased engagement over Facebook ads.

They are especially useful if you want to promote a specific contest or event that has a limited shelf life. Using promoted posts combines organic reach with paid reach, and could be a useful tool in overcoming the forthcoming changes.

Content is King

At the end of the day, the decrease of organic reach doesn’t equate to it being useless. Far from it actually. Relevant and engaging content will always find a way to overcome the odds of an algorithm change or site modification. When users share your content, it’s essentially a free promoted post in itself.

When promoting an offer make sure to focus on the targeted demographic, doing everything you can to make them invested in your call to action. Providing a reason for the user to be interested and to potentially share that notion with others, trumps paying to promote irrelevant content every time.

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