David Koenig Missing – Koenig Family Still Searching for Son Missing Over 18 Months

David Koenig Missing – A mother in Branson, Missouri is frantic to discover her child, who has been absent for almost five months.

David Koenig, a 25-year-old beginner Mixed Martial Arts contender, was most recently seen on February 8, 2020, at the Peach Tree Inn on Green Mountain Drive in Branson.

David’s mom, Tracy Koenig, disclosed to Dateline her child is companions with the proprietor of the Peach Tree Inn and had been remaining there for a few evenings.

That was on February 8. He hasn’t been seen or heard from since.

Tracy clarified that David had lost his telephone, so he had as of late purchased a used one with just WiFi that he used to message his loved ones.

In March, David’s family announced him missing to the Branson Police Department, and a joint examination was dispatched with the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

Expert Sergeant Danielle Heil with the Missouri State Highway Patrol revealed to Dateline that David’s vanishing is as yet a functioning examination and they are following all tips and leads that they get.

Sergeant Heil revealed to Dateline specialists that are viewing his vanishing as unfair on account of the idea of his Facebook messages on the night he was most recently seen.

Tracy revealed to Dateline she’s concerned that her child got into a difficult situation or is attempting to secure his family by staying away.

David, known as Dave or Big D, is the most established of three children. He is particularly close with his 17-year-old sister.

Tracy said David consumed a large portion of his time on earth inside the rec center, in the long run working his approach to progress as a novice MMA warrior on the neighborhood circuit.

Tracy revealed to Dateline tips have been streaming in, both through the police office tip line and through the Facebook bunch “Secret of the Missing Fighter,” however nothing has driven them to discover David.

Tracy said their family isn’t surrendering trust that he will be found.

A $5,000 reward is being presented by the Koenig family for data that prompts David’s whereabouts.

David is portrayed as 6’6″, weighing 240 pounds with earthy colored hair and earthy colored eyes. He has various tattoos, remembering a scorpion for his right upper arm, “OMERTA” on his chest, and “The Bullpen Mafia” on his mid-region.” Part of the center finger on his left hand is absent.

Anybody with data about David’s whereabouts is approached to call the Branson Police Department at 417-334-3300.

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