Did Matt Amodio Lose on Purpose – Why Some Fans Think Matt Amodio Lost on Purpose?

Did Matt Amodio Lose on Purpose – Matt Amodio’s Jeopardy! misfortune is ending up an unpleasant reality for a large number of the show’s fans, who have blamed the previous champ for tossing the game—even though he confronted a numerical battle to prove to be the best.

The Yale PhD applicant’s exceptional 38-match dominant streak concluded Monday’s scene when he arrived in the last spot in the “Last Jeopardy” round in the wake of neglecting to answer the sign effectively—in contrast to his two rivals.

Going into the round $4,000 behind the main rival and $3,800 behind the second-put player, Amodio bet not exactly 50% of his $10,600 acquired during the game. Champ Jonathan Fisher multiplied his income to end on $29,200, while Jessica Stephens wrapped up with a score of $28,799.

In any case, should Amodio have wagered his whole aggregate, he actually would have missed the mark, considering that the other two had a bigger pool of rewards to bet?

The sign that baffled Amodio? “Nazi Germany attached this country and separated it into districts of the Alps and the Danube; the Allies later isolated it into four areas.”

While the right answer was Austria, Amodio was the just one of the three to miss the point as he speculated Poland—driving a few fans to blame the Ohio local for tossing a game in a bid to get back to his investigations.

Following the transmission of the scene, Amodio composed on Twitter: “Well done to the present two splendid challengers for making it an interesting round of #Jeopardy today! We should praise a match very much played by Jonathan and Jessica!”

Reacting to him straightforwardly, one watcher strikingly expressed: “Pretty clear you tossed the game to get back to your PhD concentrates however it’s been fun watching you 👏🏼.”

“Not saying he tossed that game, yet it seemed like Matt Amodio tossed that game,” composed another. “Totally staggering that he wouldn’t know Austria there.”

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