Did Truckers Go on Strike Today – Latest News, Photos, Videos on Truckers Strike

Did Truckers Go on Strike Today – A driver-established enemy of antibody command fight is apparently in progress for the finish of this current month as per a few driver’s social media gatherings.

Whenever completed, the show will be a collusion between medical care laborers, drivers, military individuals, and different residents the nation over, and will fight the prerequisite of the COVID-19 immunization for work, travel, and then some. The demonstrators, apparently headed by Tik Tok driver @thedisrespectedtrucker3, will assemble at different areas the nation over on August 31st – that very day that the Australian driver challenge COVID lockdown and limitations is being held.

Notwithstanding the almost popular Tik Tok recordings put out by @disrespectedtrucker3, the Facebook Group StopTheTires2020, a gathering that endeavored to arrange a cross country exhibition against the political decision results and COVID19 lockdowns simply last year, has found out about the likely strike and is requiring all drivers to stop their trucks for only one day.

“At the point when I say it’s not about the shipping business, it’s not about the shipping business,” the slighted driver says. “We simply can close the nation down.”

“On August 31st, on Tuesday, we’re asking that everyone not go to work,” affronted driver clarified. “In case they’re out and about, shut your truck down. A few people plan on putting their trucks across the street. A few people plan on leaving out and about, leaving at home, and truck stops.”

“I’m not advising anybody how to do it for sure to do,” he proceeded.

“I’m simply advising individuals to close your trucks down, and no one goes to work essentially for Tuesday. Possibly for the remainder of the week. Until we stand out enough to be noticed in DC, we must keep enduring bulls**t commands. What’s new with the attendants and the tactical right currently isn’t right. Thus, we will go to bat for Freedom.”

In light of such recordings, bikers in Australia plan on joining the driver fight on August 31st, and two or three thousand clinical laborers in Minnesota additionally plan on holding their exhibit. Furthermore, standard residents hoping to join in are encouraged to remain at home, not go to work, not accepting anything, make signs, and dissent in an entirely noticeable, public region.

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