Different Web Hosting Types

Before you can begin building a web site you first must decide which type of web hosting fits your website’s current and future needs. Below is a list of some of the most popular types of web hosting plans currently available for businesses today and explains what each one is in terms of benefits, negatives, etc.

Dedicated Hosting

The name dedicated web hosting really says it all. Dedicated web hosting is where the server hosting the website is only dedicated to that website and no others. It’s also one the most expensive types of hosting. It’s best suited for large web sites that will have large volumes of Internet visitors on a daily basis or ones that use certain software that require a lot of server resources.

Co-location Hosting

This is really just like dedicated hosting, except that you own the server and can pick where the server will be located, so let’s say you live in Ohio, you can have it located there so you can work on the server. The server hosting the website is dedicated to that website only, which allows for large amounts of traffic load and most of the time faster download time for the visitors.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the most common type of web hosting because it’s the least expensive, easy to setup, and provides support for a wide array of programming languages. It also offers email, your own domain name and database support. On shared hosting many web sites are hosted on the same web server, often times hundreds of sites.

Free Hosting

Free web hosting is best suited for hobby or personal web sites. It’s not really suitable for business, companies or web sites that will have high volumes of web traffic. They often don’t offer PHP, PERL or ASP support, they also often add ads to the web site and sometimes include pop-ups or excessive amounts of ads, which largely is hated by most people for obvious reasons.

Before you sign up for a hosting plan, compare plans and hosting providers, to see which one offers the best value for your needs. Also check to see if you can see what their current customers think of it and make sure there’s a money back guarantee, so you can at least test out.

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