Digital Princess Tiktok Real Name – Digital Princess Arrested Child Neglect

Digital Princess Tiktok Real Name – This isn’t just the initial gone-through Marissa has found in a long time. Effectively, Digital Princess, who passed by the username Pokeprincxss, was sued by Nintendo on account of copyright infringement. By and by, she has wound up in a new performance and fans have been looking for specific answers.


On August 27, a mugshot of Marissa close by assumed court records circled the web. The post included nuances that were purportedly shared by the Lee Country Sheriff’s Office.

In it, the defense for her catch was avowed to be adolescent negligence. The picture moreover saw that Marissa was conveyed around a similar time. Since people have gone over the post, a couple of them have been sharing their insights on the same.

At the same time, a couple of fans have been endeavoring to get her ‘dropped’ while mentioning more answers.


After the post became renowned on the web, Marissa made all her electronic media accounts private. Regardless, she had conveyed a TikTok video uncovering some understanding into the scene.

In it, Marissa surrendered she had been caught anyway ensured not everything on the web is substantial. She said: “Howdy people, I expected to come on here and say I do see your comments, I do see your inclinations. I’m taking the necessary steps not to conceal or avoid the situation. For those of you who acknowledge how authentic stuff capacities, legitimately, I am simply allowed to say as much concerning it.”

She continued: “I know there are a lot of things being posted on the web and they are especially outside any association with the current issue and particularly bogus. Generously don’t acknowledge all that you would examine on the web.”

She wrapped up the post by saying: “I can’t say fundamentally more. I essentially need to say an abundance of thanks to the people who have maintained me and everything like that. Much gratitude to you, parents.”


In October 2020, Marissa revealed she expected to rebrand herself and change her name to Digital Princess as Nintendo was against her having pokeprincxss. As indicated by Game Rant, her username was pushed by Nintendo’s Pokemon foundation.

She had started to sell stock ward on the same. A piece of her product was furthermore stirred by Pokemon. Months after this, she had gotten a stop and ends by Nintendo as the association didn’t require people to think they were collaborating.

The issue was finally settled parties energetic substance producer decided to rebrand her online media presence.

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