Dr. Dave Walker Obituary – Dr. Dave Walker Has Passed Away

Dr. Dave Walker Obituary – We keep on pondering our dearest resigned boss meteorologist Dr. Dave Walker.

Doc passed on out of nowhere en route to Mexico, only weeks in the wake of resigning.

As we divided our beloved anecdotes about him between ourselves, we understood every other person may get a kick out of the chance to hear them as well.

“Doc was exceptional,” said Aaron Myler, meteorologist. “One of the principal times I met him, I came into the climate community and he was sitting in the seat, chomping on a tomato very much like an apple.”

“For quite a while, I felt that the main things I at any point saw him eat were carrot sticks and celery,” reviewed Roger Lyons, WTRF senior supervisor. “So at one point I, at last, said to him, ‘Do you at any point eat whatever else?’ And he said ‘OK.’ And a few days after the fact, he presented to me a tomato.”

“You know, Dr. Dave was an extremely exceptional individual,” said Tom Gaudino, WTRF neighborhood and public team lead. “What’s more, however many individuals said he did things somewhat better than a great many people, no one at any point said anything awful regarding him.”

“It was April Fools Day,” reviewed Colin Roose, 7News anchor/columnist. “I was a maker at that point, and it was my first day. Also, he did his entire first climate in Spanish. No one knew. Indeed, even in the guide. It was all in Spanish. Furthermore, I thought it was diverting until I got a rushed call from my chief!”

“At whatever point I requested that he stretch climate if we needed more stories and I wanted more climate, he generally said he was a human accordion,” reviewed Ryan Tichenor, 7News leader maker. “On the off chance that I wanted him to complete five minutes, he would do it. He was in every case such a piece of the group.”

He left well enough alone for Kathryn Ghion after she blacked out on the set right off the bat in her pregnancy.

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