How To Detect WordPress Theme a Website is Using

Ask How To Detect WordPress theme?
Do you know which WordPress theme an amazing website using?
Today We will see How To Detect WordPress Theme a Website is Using. 

Go to WPTD.

It is a Tool website that will help you to detect all the themes and plugins of the website. Simply go to this website wordpressthemedetector.
This is a completely free website to identify WordPress theme easily.
So let’s Start.

Paste the URL of the website you want to detect the theme and plugins.

  • Now you will see which theme my website using.
  • It is that super simple and easy step.
  • Also You can see how many and which kind of plugins a website is using.

See Plugins.
how to detect wordpress theme

How to Detect Custom WordPress website theme?

IsItWP this website will help you to find/detect the custom theme a WordPress website is using.
It also Try to find that which is the hosting provider of this website.
But, You can not detect WordPress custom themes sometimes but will help you to find the custom theme also so, just paste the link and see what is the awesome WordPress theme a website using.

WPbeginner WordPress theme Detector

This tool will show you all the premium and popular themes of the WordPress website. Sometimes it may not be able to detect a custom Theme.
You can also find the WordPress theme by using Inspect element or view page source of the wordpress homepage.
This will help you to open the source of the website and it will show you all the details of the WordPress theme including theme developer and License of the theme.
Sometimes, Theme header may contain theme details.
Child themes also use their source in the header area of the website.
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