How to Prevent WordPress Comment Spam

How to Prevent WordPress Comment Spam

Cheap and Spammy marketers do this kind of stuff to get traffic to their website. Most of these websites may be adult websites.

So there are Few spam score. Follow these steps and Prevent WordPress Comment Spam

Enabling Captcha Stop Spam/Bots Comment.

Preventing WordPress spam comments is possible in a few primary ways.

Your hosting provider may be able to provide additional resources and tools, but here are the two easiest methods that I recommend you start with.

Not all WordPress sites need to utilize a blog. Even WordPress sites that have blogs don’t need to utilize the commenting feature.

You can prevent spam comments from being posted to your site entirely by turning off commenting or adding extra authentication to the commenting process.

If you don’t mind eliminating comments, you can turn off comments by going to your WordPress dashboard then going to settings, then discussion. De-select the option to allow people to submit comments on new posts.

If you still want to comment, you can use some of the additional settings on this page to minimize the risk of spam comments. So for example, a lot of the worst spam comments contain malicious links.

You can block comments that contain links at all if you want. You can also require that comments are manually approved before being published or require the commenter to be logged into your site.

In addition to or instead of these settings, you can provide a layer of authentication to prevent spam from being posted in the first place. Add a CAPTCHA with a plugin or another authentication tool.

Spam comments are left pretty exclusively by bots and not real human beings.

If you force the commenter to confirm their identity and humanity, you can prevent spam. You can do this by installing the free CAPTCHA in WP comments form plugin. After activating the plugin, go to settings, reCAPTCHA in comments to configure the settings

Which comments are spam and why its a problem?

These spammers use comments from your generic content like they say” article was helpful or whatever you can see in the picture down below how they do this and you want to care about this.

  • They want to get backlinks from your website.
  • They use bots and put these comments again and again until you approve one of them.


How to Prevent WordPress Comment Spam

1. Decrease the number of links allotted per post

You will be using this feature on your website that how many links are allowed per post it means no one else will be able to repeat their site link on your post by just going to Settings → Discussion to make this change. See for the Comment Moderation section

How to Prevent WordPress Comment Spam

You also have a comment moderation option in your WordPress dashboard.

Without your permission or approval, no comment will be published on your post/pages.

It is the best way to slow down these spammers/cheap marketers.

2.Create a List Of Blacklisted Words

Simply create a list of blacklisted words like you create a list of blacklisted words on your YouTube channel or in your Facebook group.

After doing that these words will be punched or not be published on your blog post/page.

How to Prevent WordPress Comment Spam

When a Comment contains blacklisted words then you can flag the complete comment that contains a blacklisted word.

To Setup this goes to Settings → Discussion in your WordPress dashboard and find the Comment Blacklist section:

3. Restrict comment chances to enrolled users

How to prevent spam by restricting them to only allowed/registered users.

You have to enable a comment option for those people who have registered on your website so, these spammers will not be able to comment on your post pages.

How to Prevent WordPress Comment Spam

To achieve this

 Settings → Discussion section in WordPress. You’ll find it under Other comment settings:

4.Setup manually comment approval setting.

No comment will appear on your website without manual approval/moderation.

Although the comment will be permitted on your post and it will not be published until you manually approve it.


How to Prevent WordPress Comment Spam

5.Using Anti Spam Plugin to Get Rid Of Spammy Comments

Many WordPress installations come with Activates spam protection plugins like Akismet Anti-Spam.

If you do not have already installed this plugin then I would prefer using this plugin by just going to plugins click add and search for Akismet Anti-spam.

Activate this plugin by creating an account on Akismet Ant-spam through your email address.

How to Prevent WordPress Comment Spam by enabling Aksimet anti-spam plugin. It is a free latest updated anti-spam plugin many people use on their website to reduce spam activities.

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