Johanna Farber Close up Original Video – Johanna Farber Close up Video Goes Viral

Johanna Farber Close up Original Video – The International Federation of Sport Climbing asking forgiveness from Johanna Farber after a host newscaster showed a close-up replication shot of her bottom at the time of the World Championship in Moscow. It is 2nd time this year that Austrian contestant Johanna Farber has been subject to “unsuitable” TV coverage of her event which she reported after the 1st incident in June as “upsetting and disrespectful”. The International Federation of Sport Climbing that overseeing the sport has now asked for forgiveness once again following a very alike incident involving the anchor newscaster in the country Russia on Saturday.
They released the statement in which they stated that “The IFSC censures the objectification of the body of the human and will take next step for it to stop and to safeguard the athletes.” Marco Scolaris, the IFSC President stated that “How many times will these kinds of things have to be done mistaken before we get realized how to do them right?”
Sport climbing started its sports journey at the Tokyo Olympics which was held this year and has been enjoying a gush in popularity but individuals within the sport are anxious not enough is being done to safeguard female contenders. Natalie Berry, Ex GB climber and editor-in-chief of UK informed Sky News that: “For this discourteous incident to occur again to the same athlete is very disturbing and disappointing when more eyeballs are on the sport that even before and more girls and women are being introduced to climbing.”
Berry further added, “Whereas the intentions of the editors and camera operators might be not an athlete and instead to make focus on a visually engrossing chalky handprint, in the context of the women in sport all over the history, it is quite simply unsuitable.”
She then back calls for strong filming policies and photography to be introduced in the sports of climbing as is the case in many other events of the sports. Ms. Berry said “As an athlete, self-confidence is a vast factor in competition. If athletes feel that their body structures are being unsuitable presented on screen, it could unjust affect their performance as well as their mental status.”

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