Justin Bieber Diane Keaton Video – Justin Bieber Diane Keaton Music Video

Justin Bieber Diane Keaton Video – 2021 has been nothing if not the extended period of surprising pairs. Despite everything and monster back tattoos, we’ve invited the arrival of Bennifer. We’ve seen a great deal — like, a ton — of Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox alongside individual startling, horny couple Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian. What’s more, presently, we have a couple genuinely nobody might have anticipated: Diane Keaton and Justin Bieber.

Dread not, Beliebers, the artist is still a lot of wedded to Hailey (and is contemplating having a child). Nonetheless, his new video for “Phantom” stars cap adoring, monster pants-wearing Diane Keaton. “AM I DREAMING???” Keaton composed on Instagram, and, truth be told, the possibility of Diane Keaton featuring in a Bieber video feels like one aggregate fever dream. She proceeded, still in all-covers, “WHAT AN HONOR IT WAS TO WORK WITH JUSTIN BIEBER AND HIS INCREDIBLE TEAM!!!” Please, maybe, watch this music-video secret, and let me know Diane Keaton isn’t having a great time:

She and Bieber are accepting the sea! They’re moving to a bar! They’re sharing cherishing, familial looks as though they are connected and not … Diane Keaton and Justin Bieber. There’s even some pitiful hanging over a kitchen sink — an exemplary cranky music-video move.

Keaton has been a Belieber for quite a long time. In a 2015 appearance on Ellen, she lost her damn psyche over Bieber’s Calvin Klein photographs. Then, at that point, the artist came out from behind the stage to astound her, and she shouted like … indeed, a Belieber would shout were they to be shocked by Justin Bieber.

Thus, congratulations to Diane Keaton on satisfying her fantasies about being in a Justin Bieber music video. You can celebrate appropriately by watching the full video for “Phantom,” in which she seems to play Bieber’s grandmother. In the video, she and Bieber are grieving a late granddad, which might be a suggestion to Bieber’s fatherly grandpa, who died toward the start of this current year. The video closes with Bieber setting up his grandmother (Keaton) with another man, who feels somewhat odd, however, in any case, the video is sweet.

Fingers crossed they delivered some in the background content so we as a whole will appreciate a greater amount of Diane Keaton screeching at seeing Justin Bieber.

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