Lariat Larner Death – 24 Year Old Killed in Stillwater Crash

Lariat Larner DeathHas Died: A 24-year-old died after a two-car crash in Payne County Wednesday evening.

Police say the accident occurred around 9:20 p.m. at 32nd and Washington in Stillwater.

Lariat Larner, 24, of Stillwater was articulated dead at the scene.

At the point when specialists on call showed up on the scene, one of the two vehicles included was completely immersed on fire.

Witnesses had the option to pull the two inhabitants of the consuming Ford F-150 to security, yet Larner, one of five tenants in the subsequent vehicle, didn’t endure.

Officials say a white Ford F-350 with five inhabitants, including Larner, was driving northward on Washington Street when it collided with a dark Ford F-150 that was voyaging westward on 32nd Avenue.

Three individuals were taken to the emergency clinic.

The reason for the accident is being scrutinized.

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