Luke Bryan Up Video – Luke Bryan Has ‘Overwhelming’ Reaction To New ‘Up’ Video

Luke Bryan Up Video – Luke Bryan debuted the music video for his present single, “Up,” Thursday, giving his mid-rhythm tribute to modest community life a similarly wistful visual treatment.

The video – – which debuted solely on Facebook – – begins with the country vocalist sitting in a horse shelter after nightfall, watching old home films on a projector.

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As recollections flood, the outbuilding, the assortment of people watching alongside Bryan starts to develop. We see families grinning together and people of any age tracking with the recordings, eventually going to deliver illuminated paper lights into the night sky.

There’s a self-contradicting genuine story behind the shoot: The home films Bryan is watching are private ones, and chief Shaun Silva caught the artist’s response to seeing them interestingly. Among the recordings are Bryan holding his children, fishing with his father and hunting with his children.
One piece is a nearby shot of Bryan’s sibling, Chris, who kicked the bucket in an auto crash at age 26.

“At the point when I saw the recording of my young men with both their granddads, and afterward the nearby clasp of my sibling essentially checking out me, it was so overpowering,” Bryan said, as per a public statement.

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