Marlina Oktoria Instagram – The Figure of Marlina Oktoria, Wife of Siri’s Father

Marlina Oktoria Instagram – Marlina Oktoria Kawuwung is as yet the discussion of many individuals. This follows an admission that shocked many.

Marlina Oktoria Kawuwung straightforwardly concedes that she is the spouse of the finance manager Mansyardin Malik.

It is realized that Mansyardin Malik is the dad of the celebgram Taqy Malik.

As indicated by Marlina Oktoria, their subsequent marriage occurred on July 19, 2021, at the Green Menteng condo, Jakarta.

Marlina Oktoria and Mansyardin Malik both introduced observers to the wedding which, as per Marlina Oktoria, was held essentially.

Be that as it may, just a brief time in the wake of being hitched sequentially by Mansyardin Malik, he has effectively sought a legal separation. The explanation, Mansyardin Malik isn’t willing to satisfy the marriage promises.

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As of late, the issue of issues has likewise turned into a flavor for Marlina Oktoria Kawuwung’s separation from Mansyardin Malik. Who is Marlina Oktoria Kawuwung?

There are relatively few reference sources that can completely clear who the genuine figure of Marlina Oktoria Kawuwung is.

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