Mchale and Noah Missing – 13-year-old Noah Grace Stafford

Mchale and Noah Missing – It’s been seven weeks since 20-year-old Noah Kerridge vanished when he took a stroll close to his Michigan home – and his family discloses to Dateline they simply need to know whether he’s protected.

“We simply need him to realize that we’re searching for himself and that we miss him,” Noah’s stepfather, Josh Whitson, told Dateline. “We simply need to ensure he’s OK.”

Noah was most recently seen around 4:50 p.m. on Monday, April 19, 2021, leaving the high rise in Waterford Township, Michigan, where he had been living with his dad, Keith Kerridge, for as long as a year. As indicated by Noah’s family, he told his dad that he was taking off for a walk. On the one-month commemoration of Noah’s vanishing, his dad presented on Facebook: “I heard Noah making the way for the condo and asked where he is off as well? He answered I’m simply going to take a walk. I answered I love you bud be protected! Never would I at any point envision those being the final words I have heard from him in a month.”

Noah’s stepfather Josh, who lives about an hour away in Linden, Michigan, with Noah’s mom, Sarah Whitson, and has been talking for the whole family, revealed to Dateline it wasn’t uncommon for Noah to take a walk. However, when he hadn’t returned that evening or a couple of days after the fact, his family became concerned.

“What’s uncommon is that he didn’t return home – and he hasn’t had contact with anybody for this time,” Josh said. He added that Noah’s cell, which hasn’t been found, is wound down and he hasn’t been dynamic via online media, which is dislike him.

A report for someone who has gone missing was documented with the Waterford Township Police Department and a few quests have been led nearby, covering around a 50-mile span, both by specialists and local area volunteers, yet there has been no indication of Noah.

Noah’s stepfather disclosed to Dateline that they got data that soon after Noah left his home, he was spotted at Meijer’s, a supermarket around 30 minutes away in Southfield, Michigan, yet that was the last locating of him.

“We’re over here day by day posting flyers, conversing with individuals, and simply searching for any indications of Noah,” his stepfather told Dateline. “We’re trusting somebody will remember him from online media or the news and reach us.”

Waterford Township Police say they are effectively looking for Noah and anybody with data that may prompt his whereabouts should call police or 911.

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Noah, who had been working at a neighborhood service station in Waterford at that point, is a 2019 alumni of Linden High School where he ran cross-country and was in the advanced mechanic’s group.

His family made the Facebook bunch “Assist with discovering Noah Kerridge” where they put together looks for Noah, post updates about his case, and messages straightforwardly to him – with the expectation that he’ll understand them.

In one of the messages, Noah’s mom Sarah reveals to her child she simply needs to ensure he’s protected.

“I love you and miss you! We are stressed horrendously over you and need to know you’re protected. I will come to get you, kindly call us. Josh, Tyler, Caitlyn, and Alexander miss you and love you and need you home as well. We as a whole need your home safe, Noah. Your dad and grandparents are stressed and miss you as well! We love you, Noah!”

Noah is portrayed as being 6’4″ tall and weighs around 185 lbs. He has long shaggy earthy colored hair and blue eyes.

Anybody with data about Noah’s case is approached to call the Waterford Township Police Department at 248-674-0351 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-SPEAK UP. His case number is 21-11198.

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