Missing Snorkeler Maui – Search Continues for Missing Snorkeler off Molokini Crater

Missing Snorkeler Maui – The swimmer missing from yesterday has not yet been found. Maui Fire Department staff looked until murkiness on Tuesday, while the US Coast Guard kept looking for the duration of the evening. At the crack of dawn today, MFD teams kept looking close by USCG resources. Search endeavors will proceed with today.

Missing Snorkeler is 67 Year Old California Woman

Groups keep on scanning waters close to Molokini Crater for a missing lady last seen almost a boat recently. Plunge groups were dispatched to the scene to help with the work.

Fire authorities say groups are at present scanning the region around Molokini Crater for the swimmer, who was accounted for missing not long after 11 a.m. by a snorkel sanction boat based out of Lahaina Harbor.

Authorities depict the missing lady as 67 years of age and say she is from California. The lady was swimming in somewhat quiet oceans with great permeability at the hour of her vanishing.

Different sea resources were helping with the work alongside air support from the Maui Fire Department. Groups on scene incorporate Ocean Safety-Jet Ski 6, Rescue 10 on Air 1 and Rescue Boat 10, Rescue Boat 3 with crisis callback jump faculty, and US Coast Guard resources.

Salvage teams are currently gathering a jumping group as a feature of a continuous quest activity for a missing individual off of Molokini Crater.

The pursuit includes both air and ocean resources from the Maui Fire Department, and help from the US Coast Guard.

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