How to Remove Website URL From WordPress Comments

Remove Website URL from WordPress comments field. You are here because you are getting tons of spam comments on your blog/website. There is a solution for this problem

Spam comments are the main problems for blogs. The most common and big reason for spam comments is to get backlinks from a website using the Comment URL field.

There are two ways to disable the Website URL field from your WordPress. I will show you how you can do this within one minute. Stick around with me.

1.Manually remove website URL from WordPress comments

Some advanced level people want to know how they can be made changes in their website without installing a third-party plugin.

To remove the website URL from the comment Field you have to copy-paste this code functions.php file or a site-specific plugin:

add_filter('comment_form_default_fields', 'unset_url_field');
function unset_url_field($fields){
       return $fields;
Note: Please make sure that you have created your website backup before you do anything because their are chances you gonna break your website theme.

Removing Website URL Field by Using Third Party

Hey! The next way you can disable the website URL field from your comment box by installing a plugin called Comment Link Remove.

Go to Plugins>Add New>Search>Comment Link Remove>Open this plugin setting>Follow the steps as shown in the picture.

Remove website URL from wordpress comments

This method is easy and recommended for all WordPress non-techies users.

Once done, you need to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the Save Changes button to store your settings.

There will be no website URL field after making these changes. Since you logged into your WordPress dashboard you will not see the comment box. You have to log out after clearing the cache then open your website URL in incognito mode.


This guide was written to help people who don’t know how to remove website URLs from the WordPress comment field. If you don’t know coding or advance level setting then I recommend you to use the second method by using a third-party plugin to do this.

Hope there will be no URL field in your comment box.

If you have any questions or concerns about disabling your WordPress comment URL field then please let me know. I will be happy to hear from you.

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