Safiya Firoze Stoned to Death – Safiya Firoze Pilot Stoned to Death Afghanistan

Safiya Firoze Stoned to Death – Hello dear friends and welcome to Eagletuts. In the present post, we will check viral news. As of late, we got a message on what’s the application with an inquiry that well known Afgan Pilot Safiya Firoze is in any condition. We are certain that you have inquiries concerning the present theme, for example, who is Safiya Firoze? Is Safiya Firoze is in any condition? Safiya Firoze passing case is genuine or counterfeit? Is Safiya Firoze dead? Furthermore, a lot more others.

Who is Safiya Firoze?

Safiya Firoze was a notable chief of the Afghan Air Force. She is known for her remarkable job in battling the Taliban rebellion.

According to Gulf News, Safiya Firoze was the country’s second female pilot in the Afghan Air Force. She had a decent standing in the Afgan flying corps.

Safiya Firoze

Safiya Firoze Latest News

At the point when we research viral news on Safiya Firoze, we discovered one of the Twitter clients Tweeted, “Safiya Firoze was battered to the point of death in open toward the beginning of today”.

According to late news, huge loads of Aghan’s kin have been killed to death after the attack of the Taliban in Afganistan, not just Safiya.

However, the report about Safiya Firoze isn’t confirmed by the confided in sources yet.

According to our examination, Safiya was a married lady. Her significant other, Captain Mohammad Jawad Najafi is additionally a pilot who works in a similar unit supporting armed force ground powers. She additionally invited their first youngster, little girl Nergis.

So presently, there is no confided in the update of Safiya’s passing right now.

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