Samantha Dehring Video – Woman Gets Jail Time for Close Call with Yellowstone Grizzly Bear

Samantha Dehring Video – An appointed authority has condemned a Carol Stream lady to four days in prison for not moving endlessly while a mountain bear with two whelps came perilously close and feign charged her in Yellowstone National Park.

Samantha R. Dehring, 25, confessed Wednesday to determinedly staying, drawing nearer, and shooting natural life inside 100 yards.

As well as condemning Dehring to imprisonment, U.S. Justice Judge Mark L. Carman in Mammoth Hot Springs prohibited her from Yellowstone for a year and requested her to pay a $1,000 fine and $1,000 to an untamed life assurance reserve.

Dehring’s lawyer, Ethan Morris, didn’t promptly return a telephone message Thursday looking for input.

She experienced the bear May 10 at Roaring Mountain, a slope with various uproarious steam vents called fumaroles.

As the grizzly moved toward a lot nearer than the football-field-length limit for individuals to move toward bears and wolves in Yellowstone, different guests stepped back and got in their vehicles. Dehring waited and continued to take photographs, government investigators said in an assertion Thursday.

The grizzly in the long run feigns charged, running at Dehring yet dismissing without assaulting her.

“Moving toward a sow grizzly with offspring is absurd,” acting Wyoming U.S. Lawyer Bob Murray said in the assertion. “Blind karma is the reason Dehring is a criminal litigant and not a destroyed traveler.”

Grizzlies have killed eight individuals in the Yellowstone locale beginning around 2010, including Charles “Carl” Mock, a Montana man destroyed while fishing close to the recreation center in April.

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