Shalaya Briston Instagram – Meet Terrelle Pryor’s Rumored Girlfriend Shalaya Briston

Shalaya Briston Instagram – Terrelle Pryor and his ex Shalaya Briston are in the information once more as the NFL player was purportedly captured on Wednesday.

The people who didn’t know about Terrelle’s ex are attempting to look into Shalaya on Instagram as the dramatization encompassing them has assumed control over the Internet.

The footballer purportedly slapped his ex and tossed pumpkins at her vehicle, as per TMZ.

Who Is Shalaya Briston?

Shalaya is a Pittsburgh local, as per She was brought into the world in 1996 and went to Steel Valley Senior High School. She is additionally a Temple University graduate.

Even though she came to be known as Terrelle’s better half, neither Shalaya nor Terrelle have publically spoken at any point ever about their relationship.”

Already, Shalaya and Terelle were engaged with a supposed aggressive behavior at home occurrence in 2019, which prompted the last being hospitalized. Shalaya was confronted with two years of probation in the wake of confessing.


In case you’re attempting to discover Shalaya on Instagram, you may be disillusioned as she doesn’t have a record on the photograph-sharing application. She seems to be a private individual.

Shalaya as of now doesn’t have any web-based media record and one image of hers that is openly accessible in the mugshot that was taken when she was captured in 2019.

The image became a web sensation as individuals pointed how she was grinning in it.

In any event, when Shalaya and Terrelle were reputed to date, neither of them shared any photos of one another or together on Instagram.

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