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Si Voy a Morir Voy a Morir Feliz Video Original – The quake enlisted the evening of Tuesday, September 7, left numerous photographs and recordings of individuals who recorded how the quake created from where they were, however, there was a specific video of a young lady recognized as Gia Kush that became a web sensation consequently.

What’s more, the truth of the matter is that the young lady as opposed to going down from her structure remained inside her condo, bringing up in her Twitter post that she lives on the seventh floor, which is the reason she said in the video that went with that message that “in case I will pass on, I will kick the bucket cheerful “.

However, for what reason did that video become a web sensation?

In the recording, he clarifies that the structure where he lives is against quake, or somewhere in the vicinity he trusts, at the time wherein he glances out his window, and the seismic alarm is heard behind the scenes. Quickly thereafter, he says that he was at that point focused by dispatching a mother’s discussion and saying the expression that was at that point imitated by a few clients to share images: “in case I will kick the bucket, I will bite the dust cheerful”, to later stroke off.

Until the second wherein this note was composed, the video has just about 170 thousand generations, 2,311 RT, 792 referred to tweets, and 7,690 preferences.

Who is Gia Kush?

As explained in the two its record Twitter, like Instagram, Gia Kush is an inventive grown-up content with profile OnlyFans is 19 and says it isn’t accompanying.

Because of his expression, “in case I will bite the dust, I will kick the bucket glad”, Twitter clients shared images to fail to remember a little with regards to the shock of the previous 7.1-degree tremor precisely 4 years after the one that happened in 2017.

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