Siddharth Tweet Saina Twitter – Saina Nehwal Reacts to Siddharth’s Apology for Controversial Tweet

Siddharth Tweet Saina Twitter – After being blamed for offering misogynist comments against badminton player Saina Nehwal, entertainer Siddharth on Tuesday took to social media to apologize. In an open letter, he called Saina his boss and said that he was attempting to make a joke with his unique remark, yet it ‘didn’t land. The shuttler reacted to Siddharth’s expression of remorse by saying that the matter is ‘about ladies’ and asked why the entertainer changed his position in the wake of offering the remark.

“He just said it and he is currently saying ‘sorry’ I was shocked to see myself moving on Twitter that day. I haven’t addressed him yet I am glad that he was sorry,” she said uninvolved in the continuous India Open, as per news organization PTI. “It’s obvious, it is about ladies, he shouldn’t focus on a lady like that yet it’s alright, I am not made a fuss over it, I am glad in my space and god favour him,” she added.

Recognizing himself as a ‘partner’ of the women’s activist development, Siddharth wrote in his open letter, “Dear Saina, I need to apologize to you for the discourteous joke that I composed as a reaction to a tweet of yours, a couple of days prior. I might contradict you on numerous things however even my failure or outrage when I read your tweet, can’t legitimize my tone and words. I realize I have more beauty in me than that. Concerning the joke… If a joke should be clarified, then, at that point, it was anything but an excellent joke in the first place. Sorry with regards to a joke that didn’t land.”

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