Someone TikTok 9 15 21 – What is going on 9/15/21?

Someone TikTok 9 15 21 – Today is Wednesday 15 September 2021, however for what reason is that date so unique, you inquire? All things considered, aside from it being YouTuber Jenna Marbles’ birthday, there’s gossip that something calamitous will occur here on Earth.

Presently, as you can envision this hypothesis came from TikTok – the home of odd and unexplained fear-inspired notions. TikTok clients consistently concoct the most innovative hypotheses regarding what will occur on specific dates. Recall when the web was persuaded Black individuals would get superpowers on December 21? Better believe it, that won’t ever occur.

In any case, TikTok clients are persuaded that something huge is going on yet what is happening? Here is the hypothesis clarified.

There’s talk that the web will close down on September 15 and everything’s gratitude to the @someone TikTok account. @someone has asserted that the web will go down for quite a long time due to a sun-based flare, causing overall mayhem.

The private and confirmed record has 10.7 million devotees however nobody knows who @someone is. Their profile has no image and where you may ordinarily compose your name, the @someone account just peruses “9/15/21”. Up until now, the record is thought to have just one post – a video that has the 9/15/21 date on it…

In a TikTok remark, @someone said: “9/15/21. The day the web will break.” The record additionally cautioned everybody to “be prepared” for the conceivable cataclysmic occasion and “spread the word”. The reports are currently all over TikTok with many accepting a sun-based flare that could be the finish of the web as far as we might be concerned.

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