Tommy Howe Missing – Police Search For Missing, Endangered Man Who Fled Crash Scene

Tommy Howe Missing – The 24-year-elderly person who disappeared Saturday after running away from the location of an accident close to Libertyville was supposedly seen on Sunday in Vernon Hills, his family said.
Thomas “Tommy” Howe, 24, of Antioch, was accounted for missing to the Antioch Police Department.
The Vernon Hills Police Department said that Howe went to an arrangement Saturday morning in Vernon Hills.
He was associated with an accident on Interstate 94 at mile marker 16.75 close to Libertyville, police said.
Promptly following the accident, Howe ran away from the area by walking in an obscure heading, police said.
Howe was most recently seen wearing a dark North Face coat and pants, as per a missing individual alarm.
Law implementation was seen looking on Sunday for 24-year-old Thomas Howe close to the Old School Forest Preserve, 28285 N St Marys Road in Libertyville.
Howe is portrayed as a male white, 5-foot-8, with earthy colored eyes and earthy colored hair.
An observer announced that the Lake County Sheriff’s Office and Lake County Forest Preserve Police Department were looking for Howe in the space of the Old School Forest Preserve on Sunday.
Howe doesn’t have his telephone with him and left it in his vehicle following the accident, police added.
A relative of the man said that he was spotted late morning on Sunday in a local north of Hawthorn Mall in Vernon Hills.
Anybody with data is approached to call 911 or contact the Antioch Police Department at 847-395-8585.

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