Top 5 Free Website Speed Testing Tools

Top 5 Free Website Speed Testing Tools you can use now to check your website performance.

If you do not want to spend some money on these tools then there are many free website page speed and performance testing tools.

You can use them for free to know that how much time does your web page takes to load?

Web administrators and SEO’s ask when it comes to website performance:

  • How to Optimize website loading time?
  • How Fast my website should be?

Top 5 Free Website Speed Testing Tools

1. Gtmetrix

While discussing the top 5 free website speed testing tools. Gtmetrix is an online website speed testing tool that offers free web page speed tests and provides complete website data and problems that need to be fixed.

The result includes a website performance score grade from A to F that tells your page is slow or fast loading

Also the size and the number of requests.

Top 5 Free Website Speed Testing Tools

2. Site 24×7

It is the alternative to Pingdom tools. Comes with small paid plans for extra add-ons. I never used this tool myself I don’t recommend using paid plans or anything similar to this tool. But the tool offers much more things about website performance for real user monitoring is also included. 

3. WebPage Test

However, it is not an award-winning tool but it is one of the best well-known and perfect website speed testing tools. This tool crawls your website from google light house and you can also run multiple time speed tests and see everything clearly how your website is performing consistently. It provides you a complete quick guideway to improve your website speed to win the race of your competitors. 


  • Accurate Results
  • User Friendly 
  • Open source anyone can use for free

4. Google Page Speed Insights

Page speed insights is a tool by google developers that will help you with how your web page can be improved.

At the top of page speed insights, it provides you a web page score between 50 to 90, and this score is analyzed by google lighthouse. A score between 50 to 70 needs improvement but a score under 50 considered to be poor web page experience.

Core Web Vitals(New update ranking factor):

Recently Google updated their speed and ranking factor and these called core web vitals. Core web vitals are LCP, FID, and CLS.

It gives you all details about your website First contentful paint.

Speed index of your website.

Blocking time and Largest Contentful Paint(LCP)

Cumulative Layout shift is very important and very critical if you have on your website try to make your website header normal.

It’s mean how many times or how many layouts will be shifted from one to another place when a visitor hits your website URL.

You can optimize Layout shifting by only keeping your site header normal. Page builders like Elementor cause for layout shifting so avoid using these heavy bulky page builders if you wanted to get a 90+ score on google page speed insights.

5.Pingdom website speed ( paid or free)

Top 5 Free Website Speed Testing Tools

It’s an alternative to some of these paid website speed testing tools. At you can check your website performance from different countries’ servers like Germany, UK.

  • It gives you all the details about gzip compression.
  • Page load time.

To improve your web page performance it provides you free of cost and effective web performance monitoring. At Pingdom tools you can monitor your website by testing, again and again, they offer speed testing by more than 70 global polling locations.

You can check your website is fast or slow by using this tool. 

These are the top 5 free website speed testing tools that you can use for free to check your website performance.

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