Uber Driver Video on Twitter – Demon1time Uber Driver Video

Uber Driver Video on Twitter – A video of three ladies criticizing a Uber driver and one of them hacking on him, after he requested that she wear a veil, has turned into a web sensation. Writer Dion Lim took to Twitter to share the video and insights regarding the episode. The driver is distinguished as Subhakar Khadka.

“Uber driver Subhakar revealed to me he got 3 ladies in the Bayview yesterday and after requesting that one wear a cover was liable to slurs, provoking and one getting his telephone. He’s taking a couple of vacation days. SFPD [San Francisco Police Department] is exploring,” she composed while sharing the video.

In an update, she shared that Uber at first offered him $20 to clean his vehicle. “Subhakar imparted these pictures to me itemizing how Uber offered him $20 to clean his vehicle after one of the riders, as per SFPD splashed what is accepted to be pepper shower in his vehicle,” she tweeted.

The video additionally incited Uber and another ride-sharing organization Lyft to boycott the client, reports USA Today.

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