Urban Meyer Video Dancing – Urban Meyer Video at Bar in Ohio Goes Viral

Urban Meyer Video Dancing – A video surfaced Saturday showing Jaguars lead trainer Urban Meyer sitting in a bar/café while a lady, who doesn’t seem, by all accounts, to be his significant other, was seen moving dependent upon him.

An association source affirmed the individual in the video is Meyer.

The Jaguars played in Cincinnati on Thursday night against the Bengals and it isn’t known whether Meyer went with the group back to Jacksonville after their 24-21 misfortune or remained behind in Ohio, his home state.

On account of the Thursday night game, the Jaguars players had the end of the week off with their next training not booked until Monday.

Pumas not giving an assertion or explanation

In any case, Meyer did a virtual call with the Jacksonville media on Friday evening. An authority with the Jaguars said on Sunday morning they are not giving an assertion or explanation on the timetable in regards to the video. Meyer has his typical news gathering planned for Monday morning.

Meyer gave off an impression of being genuinely depleted Thursday night in the wake of watching his group blow a 14-0 halftime lead to lose their fourth back-to-back game to begin the season. After the game, Meyer’s eyes were red, and he pummeled his clenched hand on the platform and said, ‘Gosh,’ after he was told his hostile unit didn’t turn the ball throughout without precedent for four games yet they lost.

Likewise, the Jaguars lost their top returning beneficiary, DJ Chark, for a critical time frame when he experienced a messed up lower leg on the third play of the game. Adding to the establishment’s hardships, the Jaguars have lost 19 successive games since last season and are only seven misfortunes from tying the 1976-77 Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ 26-game losing streak, the longest in NFL history.

When the recordings of Meyer in the bar/café were posted on Twitter Saturday, there were boundless responses on Twitter. ESPN expert Booger McFarland responded on Twitter, posting, “In no way like a Thursday night game and the end of the week off.”Meyer claims a café, Urban Chophouse, in Columbus, Ohio, and one more in Dublin, Ohio, called Urban Meyer’s Pint House.

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