Video of Urban Meyer Dance – Urban Meyer on Viral Video with Dancing Woman

Video of Urban Meyer Dance ‘It’s stupid. I need to own it’: Urban Meyer apologized Monday at his week-by-week round table discussion after a video flowed all through the week’s end through social media showing the Jacksonville Jaguars tutor in a private situation with a woman.

Meyer, who is hitched, appears, to be moving – or being moved upon – with women who weren’t his better half, Shelley.

“I just apologized to the gathering and staff for being an interference,” Meyer said in his Monday public meeting. “It’s maladroit. I explained all that happened. I need to have it. I should not have set myself in that position.”

He continued to say he’s was sorry to his family, who, unmistakably, “are upset” about the situation.

“A coach should never be any interference,” he added.

Meyer said he was at an event and people endeavored to get him on the dance floor and were “playing,” and he should have left. He added he never should have put himself in that situation.

“I need to do right,” Meyer said.

The subject was roughly two minutes of an 11-minute round table discussion.

He stayed in Ohio after his family’s Thursday night game last week to visit with grandkids and family, which explains why he was at this point close by.

“The gathering is OK. They are revolved around Tennessee,” he said of his family’s reaction to his explanation.

Meyer, the past Ohio State guide, is in his first season as the Jacksonville lead mentor. The Jaguars have started the season 0-4 after the mishap to the Bengals on Thursday.

“It’s staggering, sad,” Meyer said after the game. “For the most part, I’m not misguided concerning stuff like that, that I essentially see a nice gathering in there. I see saints, incredible hearts. I see people at work and I let them in on I’m not misguided concerning that stuff. This gathering will overwhelm some matches.”

The Jaguars play the Tennessee Titans on October 10.

School football master and past Florida Gators Tim Tebow said last week he acknowledges his past school guide will remain with the Jaguars.

“The one thing that I’d assist you with recalling is where you say, ‘He most likely will not persevere. He most likely will not be around for quite a while.’ The other quality that he has is a crazy affirmation. He has a crazy affirmation. So while it might be hard, I accept he isn’t settled forever. I think he expected to dominate those matches. I think he expected to be 3-1 or 4-0,” Tebow said on “First Take.”

“He is taking that hard. However, I also accept that this pal is fearless not settled forever. I think he’ll continue to change and shape and change and get new people in there and change and make the essential strides since not settled forever. I don’t think he’d quit without sorting out some way to turn around the circumstance a bit.”

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