What’s the Lick Mean on TikTok – TikTok Slang Explained

What’s the Lick Mean on TikTok – The pattern is generally new, starting to promote this month (September).


The image comes from a viral TikTok by client @dtx.2cent. Unfastening his knapsack and pulling out a container of hand sanitizer, the TikToker inscribed the video “just a month into school and got this outright shrewd lick.”

In obvious online media design, the thought got on and individuals began making TikTok recordings and images with arbitrarily taken items combined with the viral expression, ‘Underhanded Lick’.

As per this source, the word ‘mischievous’ can be supplanted with equivalents like ‘detestable’.

Lick’s meaning could be a little clearer

We’ll save you an Urban Dictionary search.

Obviously, in shoptalk terms, to ‘hit a lick’ is to acquire something of significant worth in a short measure of time. The parody factor to the image is that, as a general rule, the taken articles don’t hold a lot of significant worth by any stretch of the imagination!

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