WordPress Another Update is Currently in Progress

I will help you with the error WordPress Another Update is Currently in Progress Error!

First of all, don’t be afraid because it’s a simple problem that we can fix in no time. But it’s important to note why and when could happen this problem the message another update is currently in progress could appear.

WordPress Another Update is Currently in Progress

when we try to update WordPress but what doesn’t really mean well this is the person that works as follows on every out great every time you try to install the latest version of WordPress using your dashboard.

More it will create the new upgrade record in the database to keep a track of the task after that the download begins the problem comes when there’s an error during this steps its not able to lead the upgraded recording to that somebody’s so for our website it will be always in an upgrade mall so how can we solve these well.

We have 3 possible ways to solve the problem. Let me show you one by one

Restore a Backup

We’ve got your back with the ultimatum backups you can restore from titles do how to manage my backups inside run site tools.

WordPress Another Update is Currently in Progress

Delete the Record using PHP my admin.

Manage that that’s obvious of your workers you would have to access your segment accounts once this site tools dosh worries loaded click the my sequel link in the site’s menu in this page you will find all the information to connect to your database with any my sequel client but also we can use the tool PHP my admin.

WordPress Another Update is Currently in Progress

just click on the axis beach be my admin bottom in this example I only have one database but depending on the amount of work is the solution or station copies you could have more than one batteries that’s why it’s important to identify which one applied these changes just select one that’s a base and then click the options table in the first role you will see a record with this site you are I’ll name if it corresponds to your site then click in the sequel tough and paste this

SELECT * FROM wp_options WHERE option_name = 'core_updater.lock'

common that you can also find in the description of this video and then click the go button please keep in mind that you can have another prefix for your tables if so change the sequel query to much of the name of it this government will show the role or record for the workers operate in order to solve it you just need to click that the it’s about time.

WordPress Another Update is Currently in Progress

Delete the Record using WP-CLI

Delete the Record using WP-CLI Lai now let’s see the WP-CLI. approach for the solution you will need to have access to your server via SSH in this link you will find all the documentation to configure this tool in your Siteground account once you have configured your SSH connection connect to your server.

And go to the folder of your WordPress website in that specific folder run these W. B. C. alike comment as you can see this common believes that specific option from the batteries after following any of the solutions you will be able to upgrade your WordPress themes or plugins without getting any problem.

I hope this helps you to solve the problem if so then please let me know in the comment down below.

Can not Understand?

Watch this Youtube Video Tutorial to fix WordPress Another Update is Currently in Progress

YouTube video

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